Invest in what matters

Align makes it simple to invest in diversified portfolios of stocks that align with your values. 

Invest for only $2/month with no minimums!

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Finally, a simple way to invest in what you believe in.

Don't let some "portfolio manager" decide the right things to invest in, decide for yourself!

Align makes it simple to invest in portfolios that align with your values, risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals.

Create positive change in your wallet, and the world

Values Aligned Investing

Growing your wealth doesn’t have to be a choice between returns and your values. Save for what matters by investing in what matters.

$2 per Month, No Minimums

No complicated calculations. Just a flat monthly amount and no minimum to get started. Only pay for the premium services you want.

Completely Transparent

Know exactly what you're investing in. See information, stats, and alignment details for every company you’re invested in.

Only pay for what you want

How much does investing cost? Trick question, no one knows. Typical investment companies make it difficult to figure out what you pay so that you'll keep paying them. 

No advisor/management fees

No brokerage fees

No fund/expense ratio fees

No trade commissions

No front end, back end, or level load fees

No custodian fees

No sales load (whatever that is)

No 12B-1 fee (seriously? that's a fee?)

No hidden fees

Align is different, investing is only $2/month and you only pay a small, flat monthly fee that's easy to understand for the additional services you find valuable.

Stop paying a percent of your investment!

Typical investment companies make money based on how much you have in your account, not how much work they do. With Align you pay a flat fee for the services you want. No more paying for the performance of the stock market.

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